National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Bicycle Technical Committee

Bicycle Technical Committee Proposals Incorporated Into the MUTCD

Prohibition on through bike lanes to the right of right turn only lanes (2003 MUTCD)

Recommendations against use of raised posts in bike lanes (2003 MUTCD)

Improved bike lane signing (2003 MUTCD)

New "Bicycle Wrong Way" signs to discourage wrong-way travel (2003 MUTCD)

Signs for skaters and equestrians on paths (2009 MUTCD)

Signing improvements for multi-state bicycle routes (2009 MUTCD)

M1-8a Numbered Bicycle Route Sign with logo (2009 MUTCD)

Revision of W5-4a Sign (2009 MUTCD)

Revision to MUTCD Introduction - "Bicycle Trail" to "Bikeway" (2009 MUTCD)

Reference Location Signs (Mileposts) for Paths (2009 MUTCD)

New M Series Route Marker Auxiliaries for Bicycle Facilities (2009 MUTCD)

Revision of Use of Bike Lane Signs (2009 MUTCD)

Bicycle-specific Direction & Distance Signing (2009 MUTCD)

New Figure For Sign Clearances & Offsets on Paths (2009 MUTCD)

Shared Lane Marking (2009 MUTCD)

Updated 24 August 2016